Dear Imolites in Diaspora (and Nigerians as a whole),

Today marks 60 years of our country’s independence from its colonial masters. A historic day that ignites several emotions. Emotions of joy, freedom, nostalgia, and more recently, we find that an increasing number of Nigerians feel that our independence was merely theoretical; some say we have achieved nothing as a people. Others opine that, to celebrate is out of order because there is nothing about Nigeria to celebrate. What a sharp contrast to the initial exuberance our forefathers felt when they achieved freedom!

Well fellow Imo Diasporans and Nigerians as a whole, we may not have gotten to our desired destination yet as a state and nation but it is fair to say that few progresses have been made. As one of the current Special Advisers to the Imo Governor on Diaspora Affairs, I am proud to share with you all, that Imo is set to experience accelerated development. There is no doubt, that Imo has serially suffered from developmental depression; ordinary roads healthcare or even security, isn’t obtainable, leaving citizens frustrated, vulnerable and neglected. It is disappointing but we realistically believe these feelings will be wiped away soon.

Our Governor, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, in line with the 3R (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery ) mission and vision of this administration is committed to ‘righting the wrongs’. Most of the abandoned roads are getting fixed, health inequality is drastically reducing, security challenges have reduced by 22.5 percent. Business is booming irrespective of the recent lockdown. A renewed vitality can be felt in and around the city. A true ‘Independence’ feeling that we must retain! 

As we do, I urge us all, that we look to the year ahead, with absolute optimism although in awareness of the difficult challenges that we collectively face; let us join hands to fight these challenges and bring about a lasting change for ourselves and the generations to come.

We pray that almighty God hear our supplications, guide us and bless us all, Amen.

Happy Independence Day!

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